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Apply for Supplemental Security Income with the right help

If you're planning to apply for supplemental security income, then you need to visit the Social Security Administration's website or call them for an appointment. The application is available online, but an appointment gives you a chance to discuss your documents and even bring your attorney with you.

To apply for SSI, you need to bring a few things with you to your appointment. You'll need your Social Security card or another record of your Social Security number. You'll need proof of your age, which Is typically provided on a birth certificate. Bring any information on your bank accounts, income, insurance policies or other assets. If you've been to doctors or hospitals, bring all the information you can on your medical providers' offices. Remember to bring information on your current home, its mortgage or your current lease.

Once you have all this information collected, you can appear at the SSA office to discuss your application. If you are approved, then you will be able to have your SSI deposited into your bank account directly. As an added benefit, if you're blind or disabled, you'll be able to work and receive SSI together in some cases. If you reach a certain threshold, you may lose some or all of the SSI benefits, but there are also ways to set aside money in a way that won't affect your benefits.

Many people find the ins and outs of SSI difficult, and the process can be tedious. If anything is missing in the paperwork, a claim can be denied, and that means an appeal has to be filed. Our website has more information on SSI benefits and how you can apply with the best chance of success.

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