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Retirement benefits and your disability payments: Never fear

If you receive Social Security Disability payments for your injury from work or other causes, how your retirement will be affected by those payments may be a concern for you. Here are some facts you should know.

How will going into retirement affect your Social Security Disability income?

The most important thing to realize is that your SSD will automatically turn into retirement benefits when you reach full retirement age. Your benefit amount won't decrease, which is good news if you rely on that specific income.

What age is full retirement?

Full retirement age is 66, so it's worth talking to a legal advisor before that time to work out how much you should be receiving.

Will I have fewer benefits because of converting disability income to retirement income?

Worrying about a drop in benefits is not an uncommon concern for those receiving both retirement and SSD benefits. What actually happens is that the Social Security Administration will look at your average lifetime earnings before your disability began. Then, it will come up with an amount known as the primary insurance amount. This amount becomes the basis on which the agency determines if you will receive payments and how much you'll receive in payments from Social Security on top of your disability benefits. On top of this, you don't need to meet the 35-year work history that most people do, because your disability may have made it impossible for you to complete that many years in the workforce. The SSA will just use the years you did work and average those for the retirement benefits.

Source: USA Today, "How retirement affects Social Security disability benefit," Robert Powell, Sep. 10, 2016

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