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Qualifications you need to meet for Social Security Disability

To be able to receive disability for a mental disorder, you must have a psychological or behavioral abnormality that can be shown through your medical records. When given laboratory tests or physical examinations, the disability should be present and able to be defined and diagnosed.

To meet the level of severity that you must have in order to qualify for benefits for an organic mental disorder -- that's a mental disorder that directly affects the brain -- you must show that you have had specific cognitive abilities or changes that have been medically documented since your injury.

For instance, you may be suffering from one of several symptoms of a brain injury or mental health condition such as memory impairment, disorientation where you are unfamiliar or can't understand the time and place, a change in your overall personality or a mood disturbance.

You must also show at least two ways in which these disabilities affect your everyday life. For example, if you have a marked restriction of your daily activities, have trouble concentrating on what you're doing, have repeated episodes of decompensation or have a hard time maintaining social functioning, then you can meet the requirements as set by the Social Security Administration.

If you don't meet the above qualifications showing the way your daily life is affected, you may also show that you have had a medically documented disorder for at least 2 years that has caused more than minimum limitations on your ability to work or interact with others. Once you can show this, you should be able to apply for benefits through the administration with the help of your attorney. If you are denied, your attorney can walk you through the appeals process.

Source: Social Security Administration, "12.01 Category of Impairments, Mental Disorders," accessed Oct. 20, 2016

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