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Things to review before you file your application

The process of filing for social security benefits involves filling out several forms. One of the first forms, and the most important form, is your application for benefits. But as you move along in the process you will fill out more forms. One of the forms will be a work history form. When you fill out this form, it is helpful if you can remember the places and years that you worked. Social Security will be asking you about the jobs you had in the last 15 years. This can be difficult because most people will switch jobs throughout their lifetime. If you have a resume you can attach that to your work history form, but still fill out the form. That is helpful because it describes the job duties as well as the years that you did the job. Not everyone has a resume, so sometimes it could be helpful to go back through your taxes to remember where you worked and how much you earned.

It is also important to remember the doctors you have seen and the medical procedures you have had done. Social Security will be requesting records to create your file and they won't know what doctors you have gone to unless you tell them. If you know you saw a specialist and can't remember the name of the specialist, you can ask your doctor to see if they have it in their records, particularly if your doctor referred you to that specialist. Having a complete file, with the names of your doctors and accurate information about the places you have worked will help Social Security make an informed decision about your case, sometimes before you go to a hearing.

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