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Discontinuation of Utility Services

The first step in proving disability under the Social Security Act involves a showing that the claimant has not been engaging in substantial work activity. While unable to work, many applicants are consequently without income, and face difficult decisions on which bills to pay. Although the application process aims to resolve claims as quickly as possible, during the interim period, some claimants may risk losing their water, gas, or electricity services over an inability to pay for their utilities. In such situations, it is helpful to have a contingency plan.

What is a Consultative Examination?

Sometimes the Social Security Administration will send you a notice that they are sending you to a doctor. The doctor does not work for Social Security directly; they are not on staff, but get paid by Social Security on a contract basis to perform examinations of people applying for disability. Social Security has doctors who do both physical and mental health examinations.

Keeping a Journal

People apply for social security disability benefits for many reasons. Some medical conditions can be proven with imaging like an x-ray or an MRI. And others like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus can be proven with a blood test. However, some impairments, like seizures or fibromyalgia don't have an image or a blood test that can be performed. Fibromyalgia is often diagnosed by ruling other diseases out. And seizures can be witnessed but there is not a test that shows the frequency of a seizure. That is why it is helpful to keep a journal if you suffer from fibromyalgia or seizures.

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