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How does the Social Security Administration define a disability?

Determining if you're eligible for Social Security Disability starts with reviewing your medical history. Benefits are determined based on your inability to perform a job because of a disability, whether that disability is emotional, psychological or physical in nature. There are also considerations given depending on the severity of your condition.

What kinds of activities will the Social Security Administration consider when determining if you qualify for Social Security Disability?

The first thing the SSA looks at is your ability to sit, stand, walk, lift or reach. These are common acts in the workplace, so someone who can't walk would likely not be a good fit for a busy position and so on. Cognitive issues such as poor memory or trouble making judgments can also show the SSA that you are unable to work a traditional job.

How do you know if your disability is listed by the Social Security Administration?

The SSA has a website and documents that review any and all disabilities that it recognizes. If your condition is not listed, that doesn't mean you can't obtain disability benefits. Instead, you may need to show that your disability is similar to another that is listed. You will want to provide information about your health in the form of medical documentation, doctor testimonies and photographs. The more information you provide about your overall physical or mental state, the better an idea the SSA can get about if you qualify for disability benefits.

If you've been denied disability, you can appeal. Your attorney can help you file your appeal with the correct documents, so you have a chance for success when it's reviewed a second time.

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