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Social Security Disability turns 60

If you've gotten hurt and suffered a disability, one of the ways you can bring in an income to survive is with Social Security Disability Insurance. This helps you by providing you with a calculated payment once a month, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones while you focus on recovery.

As of the Aug. 1, Social Security Disability Insurance has been a program since 1956. The program turned 60 years old this year. It has changed in many ways since it was created. Originally, it was only intended for people who were at least 50 years old. It used to have a six-month waiting period and wouldn't pay out benefits to children or spouses.

Today the program is very different, allowing those who receive Social Security Disability benefits to obtain Medicare coverage for their medical bills after 24 months and potentially helping dependents receive benefits of their own based on their parents' earnings records. The program doesn't just provide benefits, though; it also encourages those with disabilities to go back to work by providing work incentives to them.

In the United States, there were around 10 million disabled workers and dependents as of June 2016. These people received a portion of over $11 billion each month, which is the money sent to the Social Security Disability payment program. If you've suffered a disability, you could be entitled to this compensation as well, but there is an application process that you may want to work with your attorney on. If you are denied, you can appeal your case as well.

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