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What is a Consultative Examination?

Sometimes the Social Security Administration will send you a notice that they are sending you to a doctor. The doctor does not work for Social Security directly; they are not on staff, but get paid by Social Security on a contract basis to perform examinations of people applying for disability. Social Security has doctors who do both physical and mental health examinations.

If you get a notice asking you to go to a doctor, you should go to that appointment. It is important that you go for several reasons. First, it is a good opportunity for Social Security to obtain information about your conditions. If you don't have insurance and don't go to the doctor often, this might be one of the only thorough evaluations in your case. It is also important that you go to this appointment because it shows good effort. Social Security wants people to comply with the things they ask them to do, whether it be filling out forms or attending doctor's appointments because it shows that you are willing to work with them. If you cannot attend the appointment, it is important that you let your representative and/or Social Security know immediately. Sometimes they can re-schedule the appointment. If you don't have a ride to the appointment, it is also important that you let your representative and/or Social Security know immediately.

Before you go to the appointment, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with the medications you take and whether you feel they cause any side effects. You should also think about why you would have difficulty working full-time; think about where you have pain, what activities make it worse and if you have any difficulty focusing or concentrating. When you are at the appointment, the most important thing you can do is be honest with the doctor.

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