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Communicating with Your Doctor

If you are applying for disability, it is important that you attend doctor's appointments and get treated for the impairments that you allege are preventing you from being able to work. It is important that there are records to show to Social Security that you have those illnesses or injuries and that you are doing what your doctor asks of you.

It is also important that you communicate with your doctor. If you don't explain what is bothering you, or where you have pain, the doctor will not treat you for those issues and they will not be documented in your medical records. If your doctor is treating you for back pain but you are also suffering from pain in your hands, it is important to tell your doctor about that issue. If the treatment your doctor has prescribed for you is not working, it is important to communicate that to your doctor. For example, if you have had 10 physical therapy treatments but it has not relieved your pain, makes sure your doctor knows that and can try something else. If you have side effects from your medication, for instance, if your medication makes you drowsy or sleepy, make sure your doctor knows that. If you have diabetes and keep a log of your blood sugars, make sure your doctor has that log. Not only does it help your doctor treat your diabetes but it makes a record in the doctor's notes of what your blood sugars have been running.

If you suffer from a mental health issues, it might be helpful to keep a journal to document your feelings and emotions and talk to your mental health providers (therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist) about what you experience and how your mental health limits you. Communicating with your doctor helps your doctor treat you appropriately but also documents your limitations in your records.

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