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Social Security Disability: Why working with an attorney matters

Social Security Disability is often the talk of people who accuse those accepting it as acting fraudulently. The truth is that it's very difficult to obtain Social Security Disability, even when you have a serious disability or illness. This is why it's so important to work with an attorney when you begin your application.

Know your rights: Veteran's benefits

When you are looking into obtaining veterans' benefits, you need to know if you qualify. The first things to understand are the basic eligibility requirements. First and foremost, if you served as an active service member and separated from the military, you may be able to seek veterans' benefits. The only situation that disqualifies you is if you were dishonorably discharged.

These are the facts about Social Security Disability claims

After you apply for disability benefits, you should receive information on your application within a reasonable amount of time. The Social Security Administration does not give a specific deadline, which means your application could pend for many weeks, months or even years, in some cases.

Infection risk alert: Veterans at risk after heart operations

Veterans have been through war, been on duty to protect the people of the United States and deserve respect, which is why it's so disturbing when it's discovered that veterans have been exposed to potentially life-threatening health care practices. In Minnesota, 1,400 or more veterans have been exposed to or potentially exposed to a deadly infection.

How can you prove you have a disabling illness?

There are several medical conditions that help qualify you for disability claims. For example, illnesses such as respiratory illnesses, can make it difficult to work and may leave you disabled. Some common respiratory illnesses include asthma and cystic fibrosis.

How Does SSA Define "Dire Need?"

The average waiting period for a hearing after a request for a hearing has been filed is 12-18 months. The wait time can vary depending on what state you live in but most states have at least a 12 month wait time. This is a very long time to wait . The wait time exists for several reasons, including a shortage of administrative law judges to hear cases.

SSA's New Rule for Submitting Evidence for Your Hearing

The Social Security Administration has issued a new rule regarding when written evidence is submitted to the court. Previously, written evidence such as medical records were submitted as soon as possible and preferably at least a week before the hearing. However, there was no official rule or regulation regarding when evidence was submitted.


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