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Social Security Disability: Why working with an attorney matters

Social Security Disability is often the talk of people who accuse those accepting it as acting fraudulently. The truth is that it's very difficult to obtain Social Security Disability, even when you have a serious disability or illness. This is why it's so important to work with an attorney when you begin your application.

The true rate of fraud in the Social Security Disability system is estimated at less than 1 percent. The Social Security Disability Insurance system has a long process for determining if a person is disabled.

First, medical records have to be submitted. Physician's opinions are recorded and other information has to be included in the application. For instance, you may need to include photos or show how your impairment affects you on a day-to-day basis. Each person's situation is different, and the documents you need to submit can vary. Overall, the more you can do to support your case and application, the better you'll fare.

Mental illnesses were not fairly recognized until Congress issued a definition of disability to include it in 1984. Despite this, people, both mentally and physically impaired, do still struggle to obtain the benefits they deserve. Claimants may be denied twice before having to retain an attorney to go to a SSDI appeals hearing. Some may lose all the money they've saved or have to leave their homes while they wait to be approved. Some people continue to work as much as they can, even though it's painful or difficult.

This is no way for a person to live, and it's not how you have to move forward with your disability claim. With the right support, you can work to get it approved the first time or on appeal.

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