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Earned Income Tax Credit

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is an income tax credit for low income workers. The credit reduces the amount a low income worker owes in taxes and is intended to offset some of the other taxes, like social security and payroll taxes. The original intent of the EITC was to aid families with children who had an income below the federal poverty line.

If your tax liability is smaller than the tax credit, you will receive money back. It is a complicated formula based on how much money you make and how many dependents you have. The EITC is typically paid after you file your taxes. The EITC can provide much needed financial relief to many families. However, there are tax preparers who take advantage of people in desperate situations.

Tax preparers will sometimes offer to do your taxes and receive a portion of the money you would get back, that is how they got paid. Some tax preparers will call you on the phone and ask you questions, like what is your social security number, what is your address and say they have done your taxes. It is very important that you read and receive copies of all of the paperwork that is being submitted to the federal government on your behalf if someone does your taxes. It is important that you review every page to make sure it is correct.

If you know you are going to receive the earned income tax credit, ask your tax preparer if they have completed the due diligence check list and ask to have a copy of the list and all of the supporting documents. You do not want anyone to submit something to the federal government about you that is not true. People can get in trouble for tax fraud if they obtain the EITC without actually working and earning money. It is tax fraud and it is social security fraud.

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