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Here's how you can apply for Supplemental Security Income

It's often unexpected disabilities that impact people the most. Suddenly, an income is no longer coming in, and a disability requires much more money to support. Fortunately, the government does have an assistance program that can help supplement your income if you qualify for assistance.

The Supplemental Security Income program is one that helps boost the incomes of those who have limited access to income and resources while suffering from a disability. These are also benefits available to those ages 65 and older without disabilities. Those over the age of 65 need to show that they meet the income requirements to obtain SSI. For those who have worked for long enough, it's possible to obtain SSI benefits alongside your usual Social Security retirement benefits.

If you are an adult with a disability, you can apply for SSI through the local Social Security office. It's a good idea to work with your attorney to make sure your paperwork is submitted properly the first time. Any missing documents or files could result in the application being denied. For those 65 or older, it's possible to apply in the same manner and to appeal the case if you are denied. You can file an SSI appeal online with the help of your attorney.

If you plan to apply for SSI for a child, you'll need to complete two different documents. The first is the Application for Supplemental Security Income. The second is the Child Disability Report. You'll need to include information on your child's disability and how it affects his or her daily life. There may be special information you want to include, like photos or video of how your child is impacted, which is something you can discuss with your attorney.

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