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What are some things to know about Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability (SSD) is designed to help those who are unable to work because of a disability. If you're applying for Social Security Disability due to a long-term medical condition that makes it impossible for you to work a full-time job, then there are a few things to consider.

First, it can be difficult to get your application approved the first time, but that doesn't mean you'll be denied. Taking the time to review the documentation with your attorney helps. The standards for Social Security Disability are strict, so you need to show as much proof as possible that you are unable to work and suffer a serious disability. If you are denied the first time, then you can appeal the decision.

Another thing to consider is that Social Security Disability won't cover everything you've lost from your full-time job. Yes, you do get a payment, but Social Security Disability isn't made to give you your old paycheck. Instead, it provides a living income, which is a modest amount that covers basic living expenses. Consider it more of a safety net that covers utilities and rent instead of a check that allows you to continue in the same lifestyle as when you were working.

Since Social Security Disability doesn't cover all your lost wages, you may still want to seek out workers' compensation from your employer if you were hurt on the job. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may also benefit you. Your attorney can help you look into all the options you have to get the most income as possible while you recover or live with your disability.

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