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Supplemental Security Income can help boost your income at home

You've been living with a disability for a few years, and you have realized that it's hard to make ends meet. You can't work much, and when you do, it's not enough to make a difference in your finances. You need more help.

One of the things that could help you is Supplemental Security Income. When you want to get Supplemental Security Income, you need to look at your income level. The Social Security Administration sets limits on how much you can earn and still receive supplemental income.

Income is any money you receive. Shelter, food, Social Security benefits and wages all count as forms of income. The Social Security Administration doesn't count all of your income when it is deciding if you qualify for SSI. The SSA does not count the first $65 you earn each month or half of what you earn over $65, income from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, shelter from nonprofit organizations, the first $20 in income you receive each month or most kinds of home energy assistance.

With married couples, some of your spouse's income will be added to yours for the purposes of determining if you qualify for SSI. Those under 18 have part of their parents' income included in their income. Fortunately for those who are disabled, any wages you use to pay for the services or items you need to get to or from work or to help you work are not counted as your income. For example, if you use your wages to pay for a bus fare to get to work, that amount won't count in your income.

If you're ready to apply for SSI, you may want to have some professional help. Our website has more information on what you need to prepare to file for SSI.

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