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How does the Social Security Administration define disabilities?

You served your time in the military, and you suffered the consequences. You struggle with a disability and need support. To obtain Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance, you'll need to qualify under the Social Security Administration's (SSA) definition of disabled or ill. If your medical condition is on the agency's list or is comparable to one that is on the list, then you can obtain benefits. If not, then you'll be left fighting for the benefits you think are fair.

There are some impairments already listed, so that it's easier for people to obtain disability benefits. For instance, musculoskeletal problems, like disk problems, that affect a person's ability to work may qualify them for disability payments. Vision and hearing loss are considered to be disabilities in some instances. Other conditions that could help you qualify for disability include immune system disorders, digestive tract problems, blood disorders and even cardiovascular conditions.

If your condition isn't on the list, don't be too concerned right away. You may still be able to qualify for assistance if you can show that your condition is a true impairment. You need to show that your condition, and the disability it causes, is supported by clinical data. It also needs to affect you in such a way that you can't support yourself by working. The condition has to affect your residual functional capacity in a detrimental way.

If you have a disability, it's possible to get the benefits you need. It's not uncommon to receive a denial the first time, which is why it's a good idea to learn about the appeals process and to work with someone who understands the law.

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