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It is safe to say that most Minnesota residents would agree that many of our nation's veterans are in crisis. They face a plethora of veterans' issues from physical disability to mental health problems to crippling financial problems. While we are all aware of these issues to at least a degree, our veterans continue to suffer while waiting for the benefits they deserve. It makes us wonder why this continues to be an issue.

Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to the question of why, but what we can say to these veterans is that you need help right now. You need an advocate who can assist you in getting the benefits you need and deserve. However, benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the veterans' issues that challenge many former service members. Some of the other issues our country's veterans face all too frequently include:

  • Divorce and child custody matters
  • Domestic violence
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Chronic illness
  • Physical pain and disability
  • Lack of housing
  • Overwhelming debt

While it is true that acquiring benefits will provide solutions to many of the above veterans' issues, the issues themselves can hinder the process of seeking benefits. This is why professional legal representation and advocacy is so important. An experienced attorney can help veterans like you go after your benefits while also helping you cope with many of the obstacles that may stand in your way.

Our website provides Minneapolis veterans with resources about how to acquire veteran's benefits. If you are a veteran, we urge you to learn more about these issues and others by browsing our web pages.

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