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You can appeal a Social Security Disability denial

When Social Security Disability (SSD) payments are delayed, people suffer as a result. When it can take over a year to find out if a person qualifies for disability benefits, that's a year that the individual has to suffer and struggle.

One recent investigation showed that individuals in Minnesota were having to wait longer than individuals in other parts of the country when they wanted to appeal Social Security Disability denials. They wait longer, on average, just to get a hearing.

In one case, a man appealed a denial in which he was turned down for SSD benefits despite being legally blind according to doctors' diagnoses. When he decided to appeal, he was told that the appeal could take up to 18 months. That kind of delay causes individuals to suffer from severe hardship; often, they can't work, and they struggle to make ends meet.

Appeal delays have always been a problem. In 2013, it took an average of 382 days to have an appeal heard. In 2017, that backlog has resulted in a wait time of over 590 days. In some parts of Minnesota, like Minneapolis, the delays take even longer. Statistics showed a delay of up to 22 months.

What's the real issue? The problem comes down to a lack of judges. If there aren't enough judges to hold hearings or appeals, the appeals become backlogged. Sometimes, someone can step in to help, which is something you can look into if your appeal is stuck in an extreme delay. Your attorney can help you reach out for a faster appeal and SSD approval. Our site has more about what you can do if your disability application is denied.

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