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Who Attends Disability Hearings?

Disability hearings are closed, private proceedings. Everyone who is in the hearing has a reason to be there. First off there is the claimant. That is the person who has applied for disability benefits. This is the person who does a lot of talking in the hearing. If you are the claimant, this hearing is your opportunity to tell your story and explain in your own words why it would be hard for you to work a full-time job. There will be an administrative judge in the hearing. This is the decision maker. The administrative law judges in federal disability hearings work for the Social Security Administration. They ask questions of the claimant, the experts and attorneys. They review the file, make the decision and sign the written decision. There might be a medical expert in your hearing. This person will give the judge her opinion on what medical impairments the claimant suffers from. There are both mental health and physical health medical experts. They are doctors. The doctor receives the medical records prior to the hearing, reads them beforehand and during the hearing gives the judge her opinion on what difficulties the claimant would have at work. Next the judge might call on the vocational expert or job expert. This person has experience placing people in jobs and sometimes being a job coach. He has received the work history report the claimant filled out prior to the hearing. He will classify each job according to the dictionary of occupational titles for the judge. He will then answer hypothetical questions from the judge and attorney. He will testify to how work-related limitation will affect a person's ability to get a job and keep a job. Lastly there is the attorney. The attorney will make sure the claimant's file is prepared and ready for the hearing. The attorney will review the entire file. The attorney will make a case to the judge about how the medical impairments the claimant suffers from would prevent him from being able to work full-time. This can be done through a brief, through an opening statement and/or through questions to the claimant and experts.

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