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What if I Have Both Physical and Mental Issues?

I often have clients with both physical and mental impairments that ask me whether we will be discussing their mental impairments at their hearing, or if we will only be discussing their physical problems. My answer to these clients is that "yes, will be covering all the different issues that contribute to your inability to work." It is often the case that a person has both physical and mental issues that, taken together, prevent them from being able to work.

In order to be found disabled, you do not need to show that any one impairment by itself keeps you from being able to work. Rather, you must only show that when taking all of your different severe impairments into account, you meet the necessary standard to be found disabled. It may be the case that physical issues prevent you from doing certain types of work that require lifting, standing, and reaching, but that your anxiety or depression might prevent you from doing less physically demanding jobs that require you to be around coworkers and deal with the public on a sustained basis.

It is important, though, to stick to discussing impairments that are severe. Severe impairments, as defined by the Social Security Administration, are impairments (either mental or physical) that impose more than a minimal impact on your ability to perform work. Thus, while you can show that you are disabled because of a number of different physical and/or mental problems, you should refrain from discussing "non-severe" issues, such as minor aches and pains or an illness or injury that only lasted (or only will last) a short period of time. While it is tempting to make the judge aware of all of the various problems you are having, there must be some connection between these issues and your ability to work. Additionally, the judge may become impatient with you and your attorney if you discuss non-severe medical issues or symptoms. Not to mention that discuss of non-severe impairments ultimately distracts the judge from the underlying severe mental and physical impairments.

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