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There is still much to learn about spinal cord injuries

If you suffer from a serious spinal cord injury, one of the first things that the doctor is going to tell you is that it may never fully heal. They're not trying to be negative or make you feel like it's impossible, but they want to be honest with you about the prognosis. Many times, these injuries do not ever heal. People wind up dealing with them for life.

Down Syndrome and Disability Claims

The Social Security Administration will find that an otherwise qualified applicant for SSI or SSDI is disabled if the individual meets the clinical and diagnostic criteria of a listed impairment. There are numerous listed impairments or "Listings" in the regulations which are categorized by body system. Down syndrome, specifically non-mosaic Down syndrome falls under the Listing for "congenital disorders that affect multiple body systems" (Listing 10.00). Listing 10.06 applies specifically to non-mosaic Down syndrome. In order to meet Listing 10.06, certain laboratory findings are required.

Beware of New Social Security Scams

According to the AARP, there has been a significant uptick in scam phone calls purporting to be from the Social Security Administration. In these calls, the call recipient is told that their Social Security number has been linked to criminal activity and has been suspended. The caller asks to confirm their Social Security number so that they may reactivate the number or issue a new number (for a fee, of course!). There are also fraudulent calls that in which the caller purports to have good news about a cost of living adjustment. The AARP also notes that fraudsters send emails that appear to be from the SSA and, ironically, ask the recipient to click on a link to help protect them from fraud. In addition to attempting to charge you money, the scammers may also attempt to use your Social Security number for identify theft purposes.

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