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Supporting a spouse who has long-term cancer

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Illnesses |

If your spouse has cancer, it may be a long-term issue. Treatment can last for months or years. Even after the cancer is cured, it could return.

This isn’t like most illnesses and diseases. There’s not always a quick fix. It may drag on so long that those closest to the person can actually start to get a bit burned out.

After all, it’s easy to support someone as soon as the diagnosis is made. Friends and family will come together. It’s an emotional time. But, 12 months later, do friends still bring it up? Do distant family members visit as often? It can become hard even for a spouse to show the same level of support.

While it’s understandable that this is emotionally trying, you need to remember that your spouse still needs your support. Friends and other family members should keep this in mind, as well. To the person who has cancer, the disease is still just as real every single day. They think of it every morning when they wake up. They may feel the impact of the disease and/or the treatment constantly.

You could make the argument that they actually need support more as time goes on. The process is taxing for them, too, as they have to deal with an illness that makes it impossible to work, participate in hobbies and enjoy a “normal” life. They may feel very dedicated to beating the disease at first, but that dedication could wane with time. As a spouse, that’s when they really need you to be there with endless love and support.

Naturally, this entire process can be hard on your family in many ways. From a financial perspective, make sure you know what legal options you may have regarding things like Social Security benefits. They may help to ease some of the stress.



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