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March 2021 Archives

Will Social Security Disability Put Medicaid Eligibility At Risk?

Money is something that most people cannot do without. Everything individuals need to meet their needs typically costs something. As a result, when people suffer from a disabling condition and cannot work, it is likely that they will have a continual worry about their finances. Fortunately, many qualify for Social Security disability benefits, but they may still wonder whether these benefits could jeopardize their chances for other assistance.

Social Security Disability Benefits: Overpayments

Social Security Administration may determine an overpayment has occurred when a disability beneficiary receives more cash benefits than should have been paid. Overpayments routinely arise when medical improvement has occurred or when a beneficiary returns to work. For Supplemental Security Income cases, they can also result when the recipient has failed to report additional income or resources.

Social Security Disability Process Not Always Easy To Navigate

Though many people often think of older individuals as becoming disabled and needing benefits from the government, disability could affect anyone of any age. Whether having a condition since birth or developing a disability due to injury or illness applies, a person who cannot work due to his or her condition may need Social Security disability benefits. If a person has not yet applied for benefits, understanding the process is key.

Telephone Hearings and Online Video Hearings

If your claim is denied upon initial application and reconsideration, you have the right to be heard by an administrative law judge (ALJ). Statistically, more claims are approved at the hearing level than at initial application or reconsideration. At present, the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) is not conducting in-person hearings due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, they have been conducting hearings by telephone and will soon offer online video hearings. The online video hearing (OVH) will be available on a computer, smart phone, or tablet, provided the claimant has a valid e-mail address. OHO must send written notice of the hearing to a claimant and appointed representative at least 75 days before the scheduled hearing date. 

Can You Work Without Losing Social Security Disability Benefits?

Having a disabling condition can be difficult for anyone. While Social Security disability benefits can certainly help qualifying individuals from a financial perspective, many people across the country want to get back into the workforce to regain a sense of independence. However, as they determine whether they can work, they do not want to lose their benefits.

Will the 3rd Round of Stimulus Checks Affect SSI and SSDI Recipients?

An unprecedent third wave of economic impact payments passed the Senate and the House in early March, and President Biden signed the third round into law on March 11. Most people should start receiving $1,400 payments by the end of the month.

Will COVID-19 'long haulers' get Social Security Disability?

COVID-19 can cause long-term symptoms, and those symptoms can be debilitating in many cases. Jodee P., 55, of Massachusetts, for example, got COVID last May and still suffers from chronic fatigue, body pain, heart palpitations, memory problems and depression. The former director of social services for a nursing home can no longer work and has lost her job.

Could you get Social Security Disability for psoriatic arthritis?

Some debilitating conditions do not show symptoms all the time. Some people may feel immense pain for days or weeks because of a chronic condition and then have several days or weeks without a flare-up. Unfortunately, many people with conditions like psoriatic arthritis cannot predict when they will experience these stretches of relief and when the pain will make it difficult for them to perform daily activities. As a result, they may wonder whether their condition could qualify them for Social Security Disability benefits.

Breaking Down Vocational Expert Testimony: Exertional Levels

Vocational experts are present at every Social Security Disability hearing. Their job is to not only classify your past relevant work, but to also testify as to what jobs are available in the national economy. Often their testimony at the hearing may be difficult to understand due to the acronyms or other Social Security specific terms being used in their testimony.

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