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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness Archives

Will COVID-19 'long haulers' get Social Security Disability?

COVID-19 can cause long-term symptoms, and those symptoms can be debilitating in many cases. Jodee P., 55, of Massachusetts, for example, got COVID last May and still suffers from chronic fatigue, body pain, heart palpitations, memory problems and depression. The former director of social services for a nursing home can no longer work and has lost her job.

Could you get Social Security Disability for psoriatic arthritis?

Some debilitating conditions do not show symptoms all the time. Some people may feel immense pain for days or weeks because of a chronic condition and then have several days or weeks without a flare-up. Unfortunately, many people with conditions like psoriatic arthritis cannot predict when they will experience these stretches of relief and when the pain will make it difficult for them to perform daily activities. As a result, they may wonder whether their condition could qualify them for Social Security Disability benefits.

Can I Get Disability For Fibromyalgia?

If you have fibromyalgia, you already know the odds are against you in many ways. For one thing, many of the symptoms that indicate fibromyalgia are "self-reporting." This means they are symptoms for which there is no diagnostic test, and your doctor must accept that you are experiencing what you describe. For example, fatigue, depression and confusion can be quite subjective and won't show up on an MRI or in a blood test.

Side effects of MS could qualify patients for SSDI

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis can cause any Minnesota resident to feel taken aback. This condition can cause numerous health issues, and it can also cause diminished abilities that leave individuals with the condition unable to work. As a result, many people with MS hope to qualify for SSDI in order to receive financial benefits that could help them meet their daily needs.

ALS patients no longer face SSDI 5-month wait period

Many Minnesota residents living with disabilities can sometimes feel as if they are facing setbacks at every turn. For instance, applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a long process, and even after approval, qualifying individuals have to wait five months before they are able to receive SSDI benefits. Fortunately, for individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a new law is changing that requirement.

What symptoms do seizure patients experience?

Countless Minnesota residents suffer from seizures. Many of these happen following a patient's diagnosis with medical conditions such as meningitis or a stroke or following a closed head injury. There are other instances in which it may be difficult for doctors to determine what led to a patient's seizure. The fact that there are multiple varieties of seizures makes it even more difficult for physicians to explain why these sudden medical events occur.

Early signs of lung cancer

Lung cancer is often detected when medical professionals run imaging tests and spot a mass in the lungs. Cancer of this type can make it hard and nearly impossible to breathe, which means it can qualify as a disability, even while you are getting treatment and even if you will eventually recover.

Identifying cancer for Social Security Disability

Cancer is not always a disabling condition. Medical technology continues to get better, and there are more and more treatment options, some of which are very successful. An early diagnosis can also catch the disease before it is so advanced that it causes a disability.

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