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Help with Social Security disability in Minnesota

At some point in most of our lives, it becomes time to set out on our own and earn an income for ourselves. Some of us, however, have a much more difficult time trying to do that than others -- especially those of us who suffer from some form of disability. Whether that disability is physical or mental, people who are unable to work and earn at least $1,000 a month or more, may be able to qualify for government assistance to help make financial ends meet. In this article, we will discuss Social Security disability payments relating to mental impairment.

Mental impairments can qualify for Social Security Disability

Do you or someone you love suffer from a mental impairment? According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four adults in the U.S. suffer from mental illness at any given point in a year. That's over 61 million people. While many who suffer from a mental impairment are able to work, others are not.

Wife takes on veteran's mission to help after tragic PTSD death

An estimated 15 percent of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says the disorder is treatable, and soldiers with PTSD often live successful lives.

Dealing with depression and anxiety and disability

Depression and anxiety are common illnesses in people who are applying for Social Security disability benefits. These mental illnesses can be serious enough to qualify for benefits when they prevent someone from working. For others, anxiety or depression can accompany other disabling medical conditions. Finding effective treatments for these illnesses can be challenging, as one woman’s story shows.

Depression and insomnia

Millions of Americans suffer from depression. This mental condition can have many effects, such as impacting a person's: drive, ability to interact with others and ability to handle stress. These impacts can make working challenging and potentially even an impossibility. Thus, depression can be a truly life-altering mental condition.

Disabling mental conditions: Severe depression can be unbearable

Suffering from depression may be just as disabling as other physical ailments. And severe depression may even lead to physical impairments, including chronic pain and muscle weakness. Although some workers in Minneapolis may be able to overcome their depression by seeking help from their doctors, others may barely be able to get out of bed each day.

Woman finally gets disability benefits approved after 12-year fight

As we age, we may notice that shoveling snow after another Minnesota winter storm may be harder on our backs than it used to be, and we may realize that it doesn't take much activity for us to lose our breath and become tired more easily. Aging is a part of life, and we simply must accept that some tasks will become a little more challenging, but as long as we are in good health our bodies should still be able to do a lot.

Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn says she suffers from depression

Many families in Minnesota are looking forward to spending the upcoming holidays with their loved ones and close friends. The holidays are supposed to be a time for celebration and joy, but for some folks, the holidays can be unbearable.

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