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How Do I Apply for Disability

There are three ways to file for Social Security Disability benefits. You can apply over the phone with the Social Security Administration. You can apply in person at your local Social Security office. Finally, you can apply online at the Social Security Administration's website. However you choose to apply, you must realize that you will be facing a long process that will require an extensive amount of paperwork and patience.

Compassionate Allowances

For certain aggressive illnesses or severe injuries, applicants maybe be able to receive benefits in an expedited fashion. The Social Security Administration has a list of conditions for which one may be able to receive a "Compassionate Allowance". The Compassionate Allowance initiative is intended to help the Social Security Administration reduce the waiting time to reach a disability determination for individuals with the most serious disabilities. Certain illnesses on the Compassionate Allowance List are regarded as so serious that a simple diagnosis of the condition from a doctor automatically qualifies an applicant for benefits. The complete list of Compassionate Allowance conditions is available on the Social Security Administration's website. There are 200 plus conditions that may entitle you to a compassionate allowance. Applications with proper documentation can be processed and awarded within a month. Moreover, Social Security will consider how long the successful applicant has been disabled and will pay benefits retroactively for the months between when the disability began and when the application was approved, in addition to providing monthly funds going forward.

Proving a Medically Determinable Impairment

To prove your disability claim before Social Security Administration (SSA), you must provide evidence of a medically determinable severe impairment. The term "medically determinable" implies that a licensed physician or certified psychologist has given a diagnosis based on objective laboratory testing or clinical findings, though special consideration is given to infants and small children, whose medical conditions and functional limitations might be difficult to diagnose or ascertain due to their young age. SSA now also accepts diagnoses from APRNs, physician assistants, and audiologists, though not every diagnosis or assessment from a medical provider will count toward your disability claim with SSA.

Automated Decisions

As technology move our culture towards automation, so do our methods of decision-making. Social Security Administration (SSA) aims to have a uniform process in determining which disability claims to approve or deny, yet it employs thousands of various adjudicators and administrative law judges to apply their reasoning skills in making those determinations. As they say in law, reasonable minds can differ.

Multiple Sclerosis and Disability

Multiple Sclerosis, or MS, currently effects approximately 400,000 people in the United States. Multiple Sclerosis News Today. However, the exact amount of sufferers is difficult to quantify since the CDC does not require physicians to report new cases and because symptoms can be invisible. National MS Society. The symptoms of MS typically include overwhelming fatigue, visual disturbances, altered sensation, and difficulties with mobility. The symptoms are unpredictable and vary in type and severity from one person to another and even in the same person over time. If you have been diagnosed with MS and are unable to work, you may potentially quality for disability benefits.

Disabled and in dire need

If you are suffering from a disability and are unable to work, the amount of time spent waiting to be approved for benefits can be a nightmare. Many clients ask me how they are supposed to get by while they wait to get in front of a judge or wait for the judge to issue a decision. There is not a good answer to this question, as there is often little that can be done in order to expedite the process. However, in certain situations you may be able to successfully ask for expedited consideration of your claim due to financial problems. If you are in the process of being evicted or foreclosed upon, you should send evidence of these proceeding to your Social Security disability attorney's office. Your attorney can send copies of this documentation to the Social Security Administration along with a request that your claim be expedited. If the Social Security Administration finds good cause to expedite your claim, you will be able to get before a judge to hear your case somewhat sooner. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration is often unwilling to grant such requests-likely because so many people find themselves in this boat. For this reason, it is important to be able to provide documentation of the specific hardship(s) you are experiencing.

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