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Discounts for medical marijuana dispensary customers

by | Oct 2, 2015 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Medical marijuana users in Minnesota will now be able to get discounts if they buy their entire month’s supply at once. One of Minnesota’s two medical marijuana locations is offering a 15 percent discount to patients who buy all of their month’s supply in advance.

The discount was announced after the state’s medical marijuana program has not been as popular as the dispensaries expected. This 15 percent discount represents a considerable savings, especially when patients who are receiving Social Security disability payments already qualify for another 12 percent off.

Since the program began a little more than three months ago, less than 500 people have registered to receive medical cannabis. Various categories of patients with chronic conditions can qualify to receive the drug, including patients with different types of cancer and epilepsy.

That said, medical marijuana still remains uncovered by insurance policies and the monthly price of patients’ medical marijuana bills can be anywhere from $100 to $500. One HIV patient, who said that the treatment is helping him gain weight, said that his medical marijuana costs him approximately $640 per month, but the discounts have helped him get it down to $500.

According to providers and patients, price is the main reason why patients are not signing up for the program. The cost of the medical marijuana is just too expensive. Hopefully, deeper discounts on medical marijuana costs will help those who need this medication to afford it. While the discounts for Social Security disability recipients and discounts for people who buy their month’s supply in advance may be helping, it appears that the costs are still keeping this drug from being legally available to everyone who needs.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “Medical Marijuana Company Offers Discount On Month Supply,” Sep. 21, 2015


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