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Were you injured at work? You may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. However, being entitled to benefits and actually receiving benefits that are fair are two different things. Workers’ compensation laws change almost yearly. Literally hundreds of cases are decided each year that affect the way future benefits are handled. The result is an extremely complex area of law that is difficult to navigate.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning the claim process, or you have already been denied benefits. Retaining a skilled Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney who knows how to navigate through the process significantly increases your chances of getting benefits that will truly meet your needs.

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We take workers’ comp cases on a contingent fee basis.
This means that there are no attorney fees until we recover benefits for you. All law firms handle work comp cases this way, from those that have just opened their doors to those who, like us, have years of proven results under their belts. In other words, you can have our highly experienced Minnestoa workers’ comp attorneys represent you without worrying that you are overpaying or will be unable to afford our services.

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