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Compensation For Injured Workers In Sherburne County

Located at the edge of the Twin Cities, Sherburne County offers a combination of rural life with access to urban amenities. Elk River, the county seat, is known as Energy City for its innovative energy industry. Other communities, including part of St. Cloud, Big Lake, Zimmerman and Becker, make up one of the fastest-growing areas of Minnesota. Other significant industries include manufacturing, retail and health care. Sherburne County contains many parks, state forests and nature reserves that attract people to live and work there.

Whether you work in the energy sector or another job in Sherburne County, you could suffer a serious work-related injury. Despite reasonable precautions, any worker can be vulnerable to a sudden, violent accident as well as an injury that slowly builds up after years of labor. People who work in heavy manufacturing or utilities are especially at risk.

Serving Minnesota’s Workers Since 1996

After getting badly injured at work, you need to know if you qualify for workers’ compensation. Our workers’ compensation attorneys at Midwest Disability, P.A., have represented injured workers in Sherburne County and throughout Minnesota for over 50 years. Our Sherburne County workers’ compensation lawyers will discuss your injuries with you, examine the details of your case carefully, and explain your options.

Injured workers turn to us for information, support and representation related to obtaining maximum workers’ comp benefits, along with Social Security Disability benefits in some cases. Workers’ compensation can help make up for your lost wages and medical costs while you are unable to work.

We have helped injured workers in Sherburne County since 1996. Our attorneys are familiar with every trick employers and workers’ comp insurance providers use to try to get you to accept a lower benefit amount than you deserve or claim you are not entitled to workers’ comp at all. If you are in a dispute with your employer over workers’ compensation, we can help you fight for benefits in line with the severity of your injury or illness.

Committed To Serving All Minnesotans

Our team is composed of workers’ compensation lawyers who devote their time to serving all Minnesota workers and those who live out of state but work in Minnesota. All told, we have assisted more than 10,000 clients in recovering workers’ comp disability benefits (also referred to as “workman’s compensation benefits“). We serve clients throughout Sherburne County, including the communities of:

  • Becker
  • Big Lake
  • Elk River
  • Princeton
  • Zimmerman
  • St. Cloud

It doesn’t matter where you live. When you want legal help, we are only a phone call away. If needed, we are happy to travel to where you live. However, most of the time, our clients don’t need to meet with us in person. This allows us more time to work on your claim and fight to get you what you deserve.

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Our Sherburne County workers’ comp law firm proudly offers free initial consultations with an attorney regarding any workers’ compensation matter. Call us at 888-387-4135 or reach out online to schedule your appointment.

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