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Securing Work Comp Benefits For Those Injured In Stearns County

Located squarely in the center of the state of Minnesota, Stearns County straddles many boundaries – between city and countryside, between industry and agriculture, between plains and the Northwoods.

This is a county of tradition and transition. St. Cloud is one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing communities, within commuting distance of the Twin Cities and connected to the state’s commercial lifeblood by I-94, the Empire Builder Amtrak line, and the Mississippi River. Stearns County granite built the base and steps of the Minnesota State Capitol in 1896 and continues to be exported across the world, while Stearns County’s dairy farms – historically crucial to Minnesota’s agricultural sector – have recently become state leaders in organic farming. Meanwhile, numerous institutions of higher learning, including St. Cloud State University, the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, have educated thought and industry leaders for over 50 years.

In such a dynamic and diversified economy, there are ample opportunities for employment. So too are there ample opportunities for workplace accidents or injuries. Our team of Stearns County workers’ compensation lawyers at Midwest Disability, P.A., helps those hurt on the job obtain relief across a wide range of industries and activities.

Answers And Advocacy For A Range Of Injuries

In a county characterized by growth and transition, a wide variety of workplace injuries are an unfortunate reality. Our Stearns County workers’ compensation lawyers assist those who have been involved in incidents, including but not limited to:

Since 1996, we have provided injured Stearns County workers with comprehensive guidance through the workers’ compensation claims process. We can help you understand what benefits you may be eligible for, represent you if your workers’ compensation insurer undervalues or terminates your benefits, and appeal your claim if it is denied. For answers and advocacy, contact Midwest Disability, P.A., today.

Committed To Serving All Minnesotans

Our team is composed of workers’ compensation lawyers who devote their time to serving all Minnesota workers and those who live out of state but work in Minnesota. All told, we have assisted more than 10,000 clients in recovering workers’ comp disability benefits (also referred to as “workman’s compensation benefits“). We serve clients throughout Stearns County, including the towns of:

  • Sauk Centre
  • Cold Spring
  • Melrose
  • Albany
  • Rockville
  • Paynesville
  • Albertville

It doesn’t matter where you live, our Stearns County workers’ comp lawyers are happy to travel to where you live. However, most of the time, our clients don’t need to meet with us in person. This allows us more time to work on your claim and fight to get you what you deserve.

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To schedule your free initial consultation with Midwest Disability, P.A., call 888-387-4135 or complete our online form. We assist injured workers throughout Stearns County and across Minnesota.

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