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From a labor standpoint, Mankato is often considered to be the urban hub of a wider range of communities in Blue Earth County and Nicollet County, including Eagle Lake, Lake Crystal, St. Peter and North Mankato. Altogether, this region’s workforce fills more than 50,000 jobs (not including self-employment or farm jobs). Employment areas include the following:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Food service
  • Health care

Five postsecondary institutions in the area are also noteworthy employment centers. All in all, there is a great variety of work environments in which employees are sometimes injured or fall ill due to occupational diseases. These injured workers need financial help as much as they need quality health care. Evaluating an injured employee’s workers’ compensation eligibility is the first step toward recovery. Our attorneys are here to help lead you through this process.

Midwest Disability, P.A. is a reliable and helpful source of information and assistance for injured workers in the Mankato area. Our workers’ compensation lawyers guide such workers through the process of maximizing their workers’ comp claim. This may include overcoming roadblocks when, for example, a workers’ comp insurer stops paying benefits before a worker is fit to return to their job.

How Our Mankato Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Help Workers With On-The-Job Injuries

An injury on the job is initially a medical emergency that later may lead to serious financial hardship. With an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to advise you, you can focus your attention on getting well and let some of your stress go. Our team of lawyers and staff is well-prepared to watch out for your interests, as follows:

  • By helping you understand all work comp benefits you are eligible for
  • By asserting your right to get second medical opinions when appropriate
  • By exploring all your options for financial support, possibly including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if you will be out of commission for a year or longer
  • By representing you in case your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer stops paying you or unexplainedly reduces your benefits
  • By appealing a denied claim in a hearing and/or in court, if necessary

To schedule a free consultation, call 888-387-4135 or complete an online inquiry form. Our workers’ comp attorneys can help you at any stage of your recovery after a workplace injury anywhere in Minnesota.

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