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Information About The Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Process

At Midwest Disability, P.A., our Minnesota lawyers are available to help injured workers through all phases of the workers’ compensation process. Whether you have just suffered a work injury or you have already applied and been denied, we can help. Even if you have applied and your claim has been accepted, we encourage you to contact us to ensure that you are getting all of the benefits you are entitled to. The consultation is free, and you can benefit from the years of experience we have handling these cases.

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How Does Workers’ Comp Work? Application Process

If you have been injured at work, it’s crucial to report the incident to your employer as soon as possible and ensure you have a doctor’s support. You will need to fill out the first report of injury, and be mindful that there are strict deadlines for completing this process. To avoid any delays and to ensure your rights are fully protected, act promptly. Our team of experienced lawyers are ready to assist you with applying for benefits and ensuring that all necessary documentation is submitted on time. Remember, having a doctor’s support can be an essential aspect of your claim, as it provides medical evidence of your injury and its connection to your workplace.

Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims

In theory, workers’ comp benefits should be easy to obtain. In reality, the system is extremely complex. People are denied the benefits they need on a daily basis for any number of reasons. It is important to understand that denial of benefits is not the end of the road. Our Minneapolis attorneys have a successful track record of appeals for denied claims.

Workers’ Compensation Settlements

People often wonder when they will get their workers’ comp settlement. In reality, settlement is not the right word. Very rarely is there a settlement, unless there is some type of dispute. There may be a lump-sum payment of benefits. More often than not though, benefits are issued over a certain period of time. We will explain the benefits you are entitled to.

Attorney Fees

Three important details you should know about workers’ compensation attorney fees include:

  • Attorney fees are regulated by law in these cases, meaning all law firms charge essentially the same fees, whether they just opened their doors or they have decades of experience, like we do.
  • All cases are taken on contingency, meaning there are no fees until benefits are recovered.
  • Consultations are free.

To schedule a free consultation about the workers’ comp process in Minnesota, contact us online or call our offices directly at 888-387-4135.

If my claim has been approved, can it be denied later on?

If your workers’ compensation claim has been approved by the insurance company, it does not mean your claim will be approved forever. You always run the risk of the insurer denying your claim at some later point. There are a few red flags that you should be on the lookout for. These flags can warn you that your claim is about to be denied.

The most common red flag is an Independent Medical Examination (IME). If you receive notice from your adjuster that you have been scheduled for an IME, you will most likely be denied within the next few months. An IME is a medical appointment with a doctor of the insurer’s choosing. Once you meet with this doctor, a report will be written and sent to the adjuster and you. More times than not, this doctor will state you no longer need of workers’ compensation benefits.

To learn more about this red flag and other types of warning, please give us a call. We will help you fight back, so you can continue to collect the benefits you deserve

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