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Injured While Working At Hormel Foods?

With the company boasting over 20,000 workers at its Austin facility, the risk of on-the-job injuries is ever-present. Just like any other workplace, injuries can happen, and understanding the necessary steps can significantly protect your well-being and secure the compensation you deserve.

As a Hormel Foods worker in Minnesota confronted with such incidents, you can find filing a workers’ compensation claim against a powerful employer hectic. At Midwest Disability, P.A., we understand your struggle. Our legal team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys is here to support every injured employee, striving to exemplify our slogan: “Great people. Great results.”

We Can Fight For Your Workers’ Compensation Primary Benefits

After an injury at Hormel, you might be wondering what legal steps to take. We advocate for your employee rights by guiding you through the challenges of the workers’ compensation process. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can be instrumental in securing your primary benefits by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing and accurately filing your workers’ compensation claim to reflect the full extent of your injuries and needs.
  • Engaging with insurance companies on your behalf to negotiate fair settlements that adequately address your present and future needs.
  • If your claim is unfairly denied, we can guide you through the appeals process and fight for your rights to receive the deserved compensation.
  • Offering ongoing legal support and representation, giving you peace of mind as you focus on recovery.
  • Strategically presenting your case to maximize the benefits you are entitled to, including medical expenses, wage replacement and rehabilitation services.

You possess identical rights to any individual eligible for workers’ compensation claims. This implies the entitlement to seek benefits, encompassing coverage for medical expenses, temporary or permanent wage benefits and rehabilitative support.

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