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What Should I Look For Before Signing Workers’ Compensation Documents?

There are many different types of workers’ compensation documents. Signing the wrong document could result in your benefits being cut off for an extended period of time while you are still disabled. It is important that you not sign any document that you do not fully and completely understand. Although most workers’ compensation adjusters are attempting to be truthful when they explain documents they want to you to sign, others will attempt to mislead you.

Most importantly, remember that all insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies, not for you. Their job is to get you back to work as inexpensively for the insurer as possible. They have no allegiance to you and are not required to look out for your best interests. It is important for you to know the benefits you may be able to receive before signing on the dotted line. You should always seek the opinion of an attorney prior to signing any workers’ compensation documents.

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