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Who Pays Attorney Fees In Workers’ Compensation Case?

If you have been injured at work, you want to make certain that you get all of the workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to. However, you may be concerned about the cost of enlisting an attorney, particularly an experienced attorney who has handled these cases successfully before, to help you through the workers’ compensation claims process. You shouldn’t be. You deserve clear answers to questions such as, “Who pays attorney fees?” Read on for more information.

Here Is How Much It Will Cost

Attorneys’ fees are regulated by law in workers’ compensation cases, meaning all law firms charge essentially the same fees, whether they just opened their doors or they have years of experience, as we do. All cases are taken on contingency, meaning there are no legal fees until benefits are recovered. Minnesota law caps legal fees at 20% of the benefits claimants receive. And, all attorney fees must be approved by a judge to ensure fairness.

When Should You Contact A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Fees are not based on the number of hours worked, but on the amount of disputed benefits recovered. There is no extra cost for enlisting a workers’ comp lawyer at the very start of your case. In fact, doing so may streamline the process. It may lead to you getting more benefits, sooner rather than later. Even if your injury just occurred, our Minneapolis lawyers are happy to get to work on your workers’ compensation case, striving to get you the most benefits possible as quickly as possible.

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