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When people talk about “Greater Minnesota,” they are referring to parts of the state other than the Twin Cities. When workers around the state are injured on the job, the circumstances tend to differ according to the types of occupations and working conditions common in these respective areas.

Covering a large territory, Minnesota’s various regions have distinct cultural, geographical and economic characteristics. Each has a unique mixture of industries and worker demographics. Within each region, there are urban centers, large towns, small towns and rural areas containing worksites such as hospitals, warehouses, factories, food processing plants, office buildings, farms and farm-related businesses, to name just a few.

Especially in small towns and rural areas, injured workers often wonder how to gain access to the medical care they need and cope with numerous practical challenges. Securing their rightful workers’ compensation is a key piece of the puzzle for many. However, the nuts and bolts of the workers’ compensation system can be perplexing. Getting legal advice can be just as important as finding top-notch doctors to treat injuries.

At Midwest Disability, P.A., our workers’ compensation attorneys fill in gaps for many injured Minnesotan workers throughout the state – from Marshall to Roseau, Rochester, Grand Marais and everywhere in between.

From The Northwest To The Southwest Regions Of Greater Minnesota And Beyond

Several examples of regions of Minnesota that we serve are discussed below.

The northwest portion of the state includes East Grand Forks, Thief River Falls and Roseau. Agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, and health care provide jobs to many in this area. Each town has unique features such as the hockey arena in Roseau that attracts large numbers of hockey players, workers and spectators, while also stimulating occupational activities that sometimes lead to injuries.

The western edge of the state is home to many professional and business services. Fergus Falls, Alexandria, Detroit Lakes and the Fargo/Moorhead are all western edge communities. Manufacturing, logistics systems, health care, agricultural technology, bioscience, and hardware and software developers are all prominent employers in this area. Workers of all types develop repetitive stress disorders and other invisible or visible injuries.

The southwest portion of the state includes the towns of Marshall and Willmar and features the metro area that has Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as its hub. Many Minnesotans work in South Dakota while living in Minnesota and vice versa. The team at Midwest Disability, P.A. assists injured employees who work or reside on the Minnesota side of the border.

No matter where you live in Greater Minnesota or the Twin Cities, you can count on us to understand your needs after an on-the-job injury and guide you through the process of obtaining your rightful workers’ compensation benefits.

Free Consultations And No Legal Fees Unless We Collect Workers’ Comp Benefits For You

When potential clients first contact us, we start by determining whether they are eligible for workers’ compensation. For those who qualify, we help with applications, appeals and communications among employers, medical care providers and others who provide support.

No matter where you live or work in Minnesota, Midwest Disability, P.A. is here for you if you have been injured on the job. We hope to hear from you soon so that we can get started helping you through your recovery. Call us at 888-387-4135 or send a message online to get the conversation started.

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