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Workers’ Compensation Temporary Partial Disability in Minnesota

Temporary partial disability benefits are available to injured workers who are temporarily unable to return to their prior job and who obtain other employment at a lesser wage. Temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits are a weekly benefit equal to two-thirds of your wage loss (two-thirds of the difference between what you made before and what you now earn).

With certain exceptions, you can receive up to 225 weeks of TPD benefits. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive TPD benefits for 225 weeks, as TPD benefits may end for a number of reasons. Retaining an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is the best way to ensure that you secure the full workers’ comp benefits you are entitled to receive.

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What Is A Temporary Partial Disability?

A temporary partial disability (TPD) is a condition that leaves you unable to perform certain tasks until your body recovers from the injury. This kind of injury will render you partially unable to do your job. The following are some examples of temporary partial disability:

  • Your doctor says you should not work for more than four hours a day while you recover
  • You cannot bend down to pick up heavy boxes or crates, which is part of your work responsibilities
  • You can no longer type at a keyboard, but can still do other aspects of your job

You will only be eligible for TPD if you do not remain at work for a full day. It is possible that your employer will create “make work” tasks for you so that you can stay at work instead of going home. Make work tasks are things that fall outside of your normal job description but are still doable even with your injury. While this will prevent you from receiving some workers’ comp benefits, you will still receive your full wages for working the full day.

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