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What Should I Do When I Return To Work After A Work Comp Claim?

In the event you have recovered from your injuries sufficiently enough to permit your return to work at your regular job or in a restricted light duty, it is very important that you not sign any document presented to you by your employer. Have these documents reviewed by an attorney.

If you are only able to return to work at a modified job with physical restrictions, make sure your boss is aware of the specific restrictions. If your treating doctor releases you to perform that modified job, you are required to make a good faith attempt at the modified job. This means that you should make every reasonable attempt to do the assigned job. If that job results in you feeling increased pain, notify your doctor immediately and follow his or her restrictions regarding continuing that job.

If your treating doctor recommends that you stop performing the modified job, you should obtain a written note saying so and provide it to your employer. Make sure you keep a copy of the note. If an independent (IME) doctor hired by the insurance company says you can return to a modified duty job, but your treating doctor says you cannot perform such a job, it is very likely that your employer will ignore what your treating doctor says and rely upon the opinion of the IME doctor. In such a situation, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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