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Straddling the border between North Dakota and Minnesota, the Fargo–Moorhead metropolitan area has increased significantly in population size over the past 30 years. The region also has had plenty to offer residents in terms of higher education, housing and employment. It is common for people living on one side of the state line to work or attend college in the other state. Workplace injuries are a fact of life for people in both states. If your employer is on the Minnesota side of the metro area, you may reach out to a Minnesota attorney regardless of where you live.

When employees are injured on the job, they typically look to workers’ compensation through their employers’ insurers. At Midwest Disability, P.A., a Minnesota-based workers’ comp law firm serving the entire state of Minnesota, our attorneys also advise injured workers who live in North Dakota and were injured in Minnesota.

Guidance For Injured Workers With A Variety Of Employers

Major employers on the Minnesota side include Minnesota State University Moorhead, Concordia College, Microsoft, American Crystal Sugar Company, senior living facilities, and a range of businesses involving health care, agriculture, petroleum, technology and manufacturing.

In all these work environments, occupational diseases and injuries to workers are an ever-present possibility. Falls, back injuries caused by repetitive strain, burns and injuries involving tools and machinery are all examples of workplace injuries that often trigger the need for workers’ compensation benefits.

When Obtaining Full Workers’ Comp Benefits Becomes A Challenge

As painful and distressing as a workplace injury can be, the recovery process afterward can be even more difficult. Workers’ compensation benefits typically include medical care as well as some replacement of missing income when an injured person is unable to work for a while.

When Fargo–Moorhead metro area workers seek workers’ compensation benefits, they sometimes run into roadblocks. Our workers’ compensation lawyers serving the Fargo–Moorhead metro area are skilled and available to protect your right to all workers’ comp benefits that you are eligible for.

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