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Have you lost a loved one in a workplace accident? Under workers’ compensation law, you may be entitled to death benefits. At Midwest Disability, P.A., our workers’ comp death benefits lawyers understand that this is a traumatic time for you and your family. We understand that no amount of financial compensation can make up for your loss. However, we believe that it can help you with the loss of support your loved one would have provided over the years. Our attorneys have years of experience handling sensitive matters like these, and you can be confident we will stand by your side during this difficult time in your life.

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Benefits Available To Dependents

A deceased worker’s dependents may be entitled to a percentage of the deceased’s wages for up to 10 years. Dependents may include:

  • Spouses
  • Children and stepchildren
  • Grandchildren
  • Parents
  • Siblings
  • In-laws
  • Nieces and nephews
  • Aunts and uncles

Workers’ compensation laws are complex. One of the questions that comes up in death cases is who qualifies as a dependent. Is a spouse a dependent? Is a child a dependent? What if the child was not a minor, but was living at home? What if the child was a stepchild? Our Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers can sort through all complications to get you the benefits you need. When you choose us to handle your workplace death case, we will take care to make certain that you get all of the workers’ comp benefits you and your family are entitled to.

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