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Workers’ Compensation Temporary Total Disability in Minnesota

If you have been injured on the job, obtaining workers’ compensation benefits is critical. Retaining a skilled and highly qualified workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to ensure the protection of your rights. To speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Minneapolis, contact Midwest Disability, P.A. Our attorneys have years of legal experience and have helped thousands of injured workers who need temporary total disability benefits.

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Obtaining Wage Loss Benefits For TTD

A temporary total disability is a disability that you are projected to recover from, but that completely prevents you from working until you recover. Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are a weekly benefit equal to two-thirds of the wages you were earning prior to your injury (subject to a minimum of $130 per week and an $850 maximum per week). TTD benefits are paid up to 130 weeks. A temporary total disability is an injury that renders you completely unable to do your job for a limited period of time. Some examples of a TTD include:

  • A back injury renders you bedridden until you recover.
  • You work a construction job and sustain an injury that puts you on crutches, making it impossible to do any of the tasks your job requires.
  • You need to use a computer and keyboard to do your job but have suffered a hand injury that makes it impossible to type.
  • Your doctor has told you to stop going to work until you make a full recovery.

So long as you will be able to return to work eventually, an injury that makes it impossible to do your job will be classified as a TTD rather than a permanent total disability. If you can still do some aspects of your job, it may qualify as a permanent partial disability or temporary partial disability.

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