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If you’ve been hurt at work, navigating the workers’ compensation system can be stressful and confusing. The process is full of pitfalls and hurdles that can jeopardize your benefits. It’s a challenging undertaking to get the benefits you need while also struggling with physical injuries or a work-related illness.

At Midwest Disability, P.A., we’re committed to empowering injured workers by providing the information they need to protect themselves. To that end, our work comp lawyers wrote a free resource for those seeking guidance on workers’ compensation in Minnesota. Titled “The Injured Worker’s Guide To Workers’ Compensation,” it will equip you with valuable knowledge about what to expect and how to be successful.

You can download and read the guide for free online or request a copy via mail. You’ll come away with:

  • One critical thing you should never let insurance adjusters decide for you
  • Tips for pursuing a successful claim
  • Seven mistakes that can derail your workers’ comp case
  • A breakdown of types of benefits
  • What to do when returning to work
  • How to know if you also qualify for Social Security Disability benefits
  • What to know about hiring a workers’ comp attorney

We hope it serves as a trustworthy guide for you as you take the next steps.

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If you have questions about any aspect of the Minnesota workers’ compensation process or would like to learn more about enlisting a trusted advocate to fight for you, contact our attorneys at Midwest Disability, P.A.. We have helped tens of thousands of injured workers across Minnesota obtain the much-needed benefits they deserve. We can help you, too. Call 888-387-4135 for your free consultation. We provide contingency fee representation, so you won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket, and you won’t owe us anything unless we’re successful.

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