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Seeking disability benefits for depression and bipolar disorder

by | Nov 20, 2015 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions |

Depression and bipolar disorder are extremely debilitating mental conditions that can affect your ability to hold down a job and care for yourself. For this reason, Social Security disability benefits are awarded for people suffering from these conditions. Nevertheless, it should be noted that benefit approvals for bipolar conditions and depression are not entirely common.

In order for an applicant to get approved for benefits in these cases, it is necessary to show positive proof of a doctor’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder and depression. It will also be necessary to show evidence proving that the depression is severe enough to prevent you from holding down a job.

When considering a disability application for bipolar disorder or depression, the Social Security Administration will analyze some key pieces of information. For example, the SSA will want to see proof that your depression will continue for at least a year, and be so extreme that it consistently and regularly prevents you from performing the duties of a job. Sometimes medical records will report that the patient said he or she was “improving” or “feeling better” and these kinds of records could work against you in getting approved. Although it isn’t required for you to be depressed every single day to get approved, you may be required to explain your situation in more detail to an SSA disability judge if your records indicate that you reported having good days and bad days

The SSA will also look at: doctors’ opinions about your mental health condition; the depression treatments you receive; whether or not you have an alcohol problem; whether your condition is listed on the SSA’s “Affective Disorder” list; and more.

Because there is a lot of information and documentation that must be organized for a successful Social Security benefits application, disabled Minneapolis residents may wish to consult with a Social Security lawyer before filing their claims. At Midwest Disability, we have skilled attorneys on staff who are ready to speak to you about your health condition and provide you with appropriate legal guidance regarding your Social Security benefits application.



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