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Social Security’s Function Report – Adult Form

by | Sep 1, 2016 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

Social Security sends out many forms during the social security disability process. The Function Report – Adult form [SSA-3373-BK] is one of the most important forms.

The function report form allows you to explain to Social Security for the first time, in your own words, why you would have a difficult time working full-time. One of the ways Social Security gauges how a person would act in a work setting is by trying to learn more about their day-to-day activities. Social Security is interested in what kind of house you live in, who you live with. Then you are given an opportunity to explain, in your own words, how and why your medical conditions limit your ability to work.

Next Social Security asks how you spend your day. What you are able to do and what you are not able to do. Social Security would like to know if you are capable of cooking your own food, taking care of children or pets and your own hygiene. It is okay to write what you are capable of doing. One does not have to be bedridden to be successful in a social security claim. What is most important is that it is filled out truthfully.

Social Security is also interested in what kind of activities you are able to do outside of the home. If you have difficulty going to the grocery store for any reason, it is important to explain why. Is it because of pain from walking the aisles, is it because of anxiety from being in a public place, or is it because depression prevents you from leaving your house most days?

Lastly Social Security will ask about hobbies. Social Security is asking what kind of hobbies you are currently capable of engaging in, not what hobbies you engaged in the past. It is important to answer that question in the current tense.

Taking the time to complete this form honestly and completely can add valuable information to your claim.



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