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Social Security changes are coming in 2018

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | SSD - Social Security Disability Process And Benefits |

You were at work when you suffered a life-changing injury. You didn’t think that it would impact you initially, but once you discovered that you wouldn’t be able to walk, stand or move in the ways you used to, you found that you couldn’t work.

Chronic pain has become the norm in your life, so you filed a claim for Social Security Disability. You receive benefits monthly now, which helps you stay afloat.

It’s always good to stay apprised of changes that are taking place involving Social Security. While Social Security itself is a retirement-based program, the Social Security Administration also offers benefits through its office. Social Security is an important program in the United States. In August 2017, 61.5 million people received benefits from the Social Security program, with around 42 million of those people being retired workers.

You might wonder why the changes matter to you if you receive Social Security Disability payments, since Social Security itself works as a type of retirement savings. The truth is that one change is going to take place that affects disability income. If you receive Social Security Disability benefits, you’ll see that you can actually begin to earn more in 2018 and still retain your benefits.

According to the news, those who aren’t blind can earn $10 more monthly in 2018. Now, the maximum you can earn and retain your SSD is $1,180. Legally blind individuals can earn up to $1,970, which is an increase of $20. It may not seem like a major increase, but it adds up to between $120 and $240 yearly for individuals.

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