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Social Security Disability (SSD) is determined based on a person’s ability to complete tasks that they did before an injury. For example, if you were working a labor-intensive job, it would be reasonable to award disability if you could no longer do that job due to a back injury of a permanent nature.

According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), Social Security is awarded to those with disabilities as defined by the agency. A disability occurs when a person:

  • Can’t work the same job as before an injury
  • Cannot adjust to new types of work
  • Has a disability from a medical condition or injury that is expected to last for a year or end in death

The SSA is strict in its definition of a disability, but that doesn’t mean that all rejections are accurate. In fact, many people fail to obtain disability benefits upon their first application. Why? There are many simple mistakes that could be made on the application and having enough evidence is also sometimes difficult.

When you apply for SSD, it’s normally a good idea to do all you can to prove your disability. This means obtaining doctors’ notes and referrals, medical documents, notes about the incident that led to your injury and even photos of the injuries and how they affect you. Personal notes from friends, family and coworkers could also explain how the injury has affected you in everyday life.

Your attorney will help you build a strong case for disability insurance benefits before you apply, so you have the best chance of getting it on your first application.



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