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Veteran’s death draws attention to the needs of the wounded

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | SSD - Veterans' Issues |

A veteran who was discharged from the VA hospital took his life following his release, something that is traumatic and tragic but also important to discuss. Veterans deal with many issues, some of which are emotional and psychological. It’s their right to get the medical care they need.

In this case, the 33-year-old veteran turned to the VA hospital’s emergency room when he said he was suffering from emotional anguish. He told responders that he had access to firearms.

He was admitted to the hospital and stayed under observation. He was released just four days later, and he never made it home. In fact, it was in his vehicle that he was discovered with a fatal gunshot wound.

Suicide prevention is a key element in saving the lives of soldiers in America, and they should be entitled to this care as it is a disability. In this instance, it was found that the hospital did not handle the case correctly, ultimately leading to the man’s death.

Every veteran should have a right to proper medical treatment and get the support they need upon returning home and entering civilian life. Some need disability benefits to help them as they learn to cope and live as they did in the past. Anyone who is in crisis can seek help first and then seek disability benefits should the need arise.

It’s everyone’s job to help veterans return to civilian life safely. They served the country, and they deserve better than to be discharged from a hospital without the care that they need to heal.



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