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Veterans face numerous critical issues: They deserve assistance

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2018 | SSD - Veterans' Issues |

Returning from active duty and adjusting to life as a civilian is not always easy. This is true no matter how you return, with mental or physical disabilities or completely fine. The life adjustments you have to make are significant, which is why so many people struggle with them.

In your case, you’ve suffered mental trauma and have some injuries to deal with. You face more than just trying to find a typical job and relax back into civilian life. You have to go through medical treatments, focus on your mental health and take care of your family.

Veterans face critical issues every day

Veterans may struggle with trauma that they went through while at war or during active duty. They may have chronic pain or injuries that they have to learn how to live with. Suicide risk is a major concern among veterans, as is trauma and homelessness.

Why is getting medical care and support so necessary for veterans?

Veterans deserve the support they need to live a comfortable life. They spent time defending our country, and they may come back with injuries that will never heal. The best thing that the country can do for them is to provide them with the option to obtain disability benefits as well as to support them in the search for appropriate psychological assistance and physical care.

Living as a civilian is not always easy for those who have been active members of the military, but it is possible to return to a normal life as a veteran who is not active in the military. If you struggle with a disability, know that you can seek out the financial support you deserve.



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