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Pursuing a Social Security disability claim for mental health

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | SSD - Social Security Disability Benefits For Mental Conditions |

The U.S. federal government created the Social Security program to support some of our nation’s most vulnerable people — the ones who are disabled and unable to earn an income for themselves. Through the Social Security Disability benefits program, someone who is too ill or disabled either physically or mentally can file an application to receive helpful financial support that enables them to be independent members of society.

When filing a claim for a mental health problem, here’s what benefits applicants and those who are helping them need to know:

— People suffering from a variety of mental health illnesses, like schizophrenia, autistic disorders, depression, mental impairment, anxiety and bipolar disorder may qualify to receive Social Security benefits.

— Those who can prove that their mental health condition prevents them from working for at least 12 months or that will result in their death can qualify for benefits.

— Physical disabilities are easier to assess and diagnose than mental health conditions, especially when the mental health condition prohibits the disabled individual from accurately describing the problem to doctors.

— It’s difficult to carry out a test that definitively proves that someone is suffering from a seriously disabling mental health problem.

— Sometimes several doctors will have different opinions about the same mental health patient.

When applicants are having a hard time getting approved for Social Security benefits relating to mental health conditions, a lawyer can help them in their cases. Learn more about your legal rights and options relating ot your SSD benefits application by visiting our website or speaking with our legal staff about your case.



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