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How do I get help with disability insurance?

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Work may not be your life, but work is often how we pay for our lives as well as the lives of our loved ones. If something happens that means you have a new relationship with your work, it often means there are changed to financial affairs.

  • What are the types of support people can expect if they have a sudden disability?

There are private insurance options that cover the possibility of a new disability. A sudden health issue may not be related to work, so these options often cover more than workers’ compensation. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits for some types of disabilities.

  • How does the SSA decide which disabilities require benefits?

The main rule about defining a disability is that it limits substantial gainful activity. In essence, a disability keeps a person from living a full life and earning a living as the person was previously able to do.

  • Who qualifies for SSA disability benefits?

Any person who has a qualified disability and has worked long enough to pay a significant amount in FICA taxes may receive disability benefits from the SSA. Annual reviews of a person’s SSA taxes and credits for benefits are often a good reference for working out eligibility.

  • How do I get help with applying for disability benefits?

A lawyer can help prepare a claim with the SSA as well as work with a rejected claim in the hopes of having a new review. An attorney can be very helpful to a person with a sudden disability or their families as they work through the next phases of life.


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